Leave the back-and-forth of title work in the past... Title Leap is instantly freeing up agents' phones and inboxes, eliminating constant follow-up on the way to close. Title Leap keeps everyone immediately informed all the way to closing day, eliminating all the wasted time babysitting, chasing and updating parties - time that should be spent finding new deals.

Efficient, transparent and accessible wherever you are - smartphone or laptop - Title Leap keeps your phone and email free for more deals and new business.


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Create your free login to immediately initiate closings to your title agent. Then, manage your existing closings, set notifications for all parties, and submit new contracts 24/7.


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As soon as you submit, you get real-time confirmation that we are actively working on your file... so you can get on with new business and making more deals.



Your smartphone becomes your real-time access to all contracts and documents, critical dates, and file status as well as your one-stop communication tool to all parties.

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Title Leap makes the process of closing on your property easier and more convenient for all parties.

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Lenders love Title Leap because it is the most efficient way to stay on top of all your transactions.

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Designed with agents and brokers in mind, Title Leap is the most time-effective, efficient, and client-friendly way to stay on top of your transactions.

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Title Leap benefits everyone in a transaction because the documents, communication, and critical dates are always at your fingertips. With Title Leap the buyer, seller, realtors, and even the lender, are always up to speed on whatever the closing agent is doing, so everyone is on the same page in real-time, every day to close.

For realtors, the phone and email lines are open for more new listings and contracts!

For real-estate brokers, now you have full transparency in a glance of all your agents’ closings and their status. No need for that “back office” person to babysit each closing’s status. Every agent and team member is freer to go after MORE NEW BUSINESS!

For buyers, sellers and lenders, Title Leap makes the journey to close a breeze - always immediately informed along the way. Title Leap allows realtors to decide which parties see which information or receive real-time updates so you, the agent, are always in control.

Best of all, Title Leap is a FREE platform. No added expense to any party, just the most efficient closings, real-time updates and more time for new deals!